One Room

You find yourselves in a room. It’s dark. How did you get there? How can you get out? There is but one way…

One Team

Only by working together will you find your way out. Only by working as a team can you solve the puzzles and escape.

One Hour

60 minutes. 3600 seconds. The clock’s ticking. Don’t waste any time, the shortest hour of your life’s running.

One Goal

The only thing that matters is your escape. From this room. As a team. Within an hour. Only then will you be the true Sherlock!

Brainy Voucher

Are you still looking for a present? With a voucher from Room Escape you don’t only get an extraordinary gift but also an extraordinary riddle fun event!

An escape at every occaion

You as a teacher are looking for a great team experience for your pupils? Room Escape provides a creative and challenging hour for your pupils.

Against the ticking clock, you can only win as a team. You need to collaborate to be successful!

The experience at Room Escape encourages the team spirit in a playful and at the same time emotional surrounding – as in the contest!

Room Escape is a fun adventure – also to get to know newcomers quickly.

For riddle freaks we do also provide the riddle box “Almost Married” – to rent or to play on site at Voltaplatz.

Start your birthday party with a mission at Room Escape Basel. You’ll sure have a lot to talk about…

You want to hide a present in the scenario? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Offers

Lunch Escape

Earn your lunch and book our special offer at a fix rate of CHF 115.

  • Game start: 12.15 pm
  • 2-6 people
  • The Curse of Yama or Operation: Delta Starfire
  • Lunch Bags can be ordered at a seperate rate

Escape Tuesday

On Tuesdays, you’ll get another 15% discount on all games.

Riddle Box: Poisoned

Nightmare scenario at the very start of your party: One of your guests has been poisoned, only 60 minutes remain… and the antidote can only be found in the small pill box.

Play against each other in the duel mode.

You want to rent the boxes? To not hesitate to contact us.

Riddle Box: Almost Married

Let the bridal couple riddle to its gift. The new and interactive entertainment for your wedding guests. 2x 30 riddle fun!

Kids Escape

Kids Escape is the most exciting event for your kids’ birthday party. Kids groups will be assisted in an additional way in order to solve all puzzles and escape. Kids Escape is suitable for children aged 8-13 and is bookable for “The Library”.