Room Escape Basel

We are a mixed crowd consisting of a software developer (Dirk), an electrical engineer (Lukas), an economist (Felix), a scenery builder (Oliver), and a head of events and administration (Kathrin). Additionally, several creative and diligent game masters (mostly students of many different disciplines) ensure the operational business on-site.

Quo vadimus?

We did not only bring the concept of Room Escape to Basel, we also created outstanding experiences thanks to the great scenery and the newest technologies.

For our customers we provide THE adventure as a leisure and team event activity of the next generation. Yesterday, now, and tomorrow!

September 2019

We open the Holodeck  – the platform for Virtual Escape Gaming.

Equipped with VR glasses, you will find yourself on a mission in the virtual reality.

A must-have-done!

April 2019

After half a year of development the scenario “Dragon’s Castle” has been launched. The scenario convinces with its effects and the impressive scenery. This mission gets under your skin…

December 2018

Together with the Basel Historical Museum, we are launching a riddle hunt through the Haus zum Kirschgarten – a novelty in northwestern Switzerland.

Acting on behalf of a British family member, the teams embark on a secret mission to find some missing treasures. Will you be able to solve the puzzle?

July 2018

The construction works of our “Creative Lounge” are finished. Find yourself in an inspiring scenery to exchange, chat or just be and think…

December 2017

The scenario of “Operation: Delta Starfire”, at location Voltaplatz, opens its doors and catapults you on a mission in the year 2081!

September 2017

The Riddle Box of “Almost Married” defines a new and creative possibility for entertaining your wedding guests – in the middle, of course, stands the bridal couple.

May 2017

Together with the scenario of “The Curse of Yama”, our second location at Voltaplatz is opened after more than a year of construction work.

The new location sets the threshold of riddle rooms regarding experience and effects and convinces with its breath-taking scenery.

June 2016

The 2 mobile riddle boxes “Poisoned” enter the market. The riddle experience can now be taken at any location.

In the dual mode, two groups can play against each other. Who rescues the poisoned person first?

August 2015

The second scenario, “The Art Gallery” is opened. As the first one, it is also located in the Warteck building. The people are sent to a mission to find one of the most valuable diamonds in the world – “The Eye of Horus”

The scenario has been dismantled in June 2018.


The founding of the Sherlock LLC in April leads us to the beginning of the construction work in the former brewery Warteck.

The first game in “The Library” takes place in August. At that time, Room Escape Basel is the only Escape Room provider in the surrounding of Basel. Throughout Switzerland, only three other scenarios exist.

The “Basler Original” is still visited frequently.

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