Questions to Booking

Bookings may be made through our Online-Booking System. For groups of 10 people or more we offer tailor made event packages.

No. A reservation in advance is mandatory. Please call +41 (0)61 554 54 01 for spontaneous requests.

A reservation is binding. Please contact us immediately in case you are prevented of keeping your appointment. Do so by calling +41 (0)61 554 54 01.

Yes. Additional players may join, provided the group size does not extend the maximum of allowed people*. The costs may be paid at our location upon arrival.

  • *6 people: The Curse of Yama, Operation: Delta Starfire, Poisoned
  • *7 people: The Library, Kids Escape
  • *8 people: Dragon’s Castle

The bookings are paid in advance using credit cards, Paypal or a bank transfer. In exceptional cases we allow for payment (cash or card) at our location.

Questions to Game

Room Escape may be played in either German or English.

No, you will only be in a group with the players that you have signed up with.

No. The entrance remains unlocked. The planned path back to freedom, however, remains obstructed until all riddles are solved.

If you have not escaped within sixty minutes there is only one way out: go back the same way you came from…

No. No foods or drinks are allowed inside the rooms. There are severals restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity of both locations.

No. Unfortunately bringing your dog is not a possibility.

The rooms contain small and sensitive objects which are within reach of small children. Bringing along infants or toddlers happens at your own risk.

No. The cameras are solely there for the game master to survey the group during the game. No recordings are made or saved.

No. Any photography or video recordings are prohibited. If wanted a souvenir photo will be taken at the end of the game.

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