Room Escape Games

Get the shortest hour of your life in a world full of mysteries, hidden places, and adventures.

In 2014, we brought the popular game concept to Basel. Thanks to the newest technologies and an outstanding scenery, we provide a thrill on an extra high level.

2 people: CHF 95
3 people: CHF 125
4 people: CHF 149
5 people: CHF 169
6 people: CHF 189
7 people: CHF 209
8 people: CHF 229

CHF 20 discount for games starting between 8.30 and 14.30 h (Monday-Friday).

Fixed price of CHF 20 per person for school classes for games starting between 8.30 and 14.30 h (Monday-Friday).

20-30% discount for kids and youth up to 13 years old.

Now at Voltaplatz

Virtual Escape Game

Welcome on Holodeck. As when playing Room Escape you go on a mission full of riddles… but in a virtual reality. Here as well: You have only 1 hour left…

2 people: CHF 95
4 people: CHF 149

CHF 20 discount for games starting between 8.30 and 14.30 h (Monday-Friday)

Riddle Boxes

The riddle boxes guarantee an extra entertaining event. The riddles follow the same logic as in Room Escape Games and the mission is not less difficult: Save the poisoned person within 60 minutes!

Extra for weddings (or stag parties), we developed the riddle box “Almost Married” – a must for riddle-loving bridal couples.

Riddle Box Poisoned or Almost Married: CHF 25 per person (playing at Voltaplatz)

Riddle Box Poisoned: CHF 135 (renting 1 box) or CHF 175 (renting 2 boxes)

Riddle Box Almost Married: CHF 175 (Renting)

Return transportation in Basel, Allschwil, Binningen, Birsfelden, Bottmingen, Münchenstein, Muttenz, Oberwil, or Riehen with the cargo bike: CHF 50

Museum Hunt

Acting on behalf of a British family member, the teams embark on a secret mission to find some missing treasures. Will you be able to solve the puzzle?

Together with the Historisches Museum Basel, we are launching a riddle hunt through the Haus zum Kirschgarten – a novelty in northwestern Switzerland.

Aged 14 or more: CHF 29 per person
Aged 13 or less: CHF 19 per person