General Terms and Conditions

A. Matter of Contract

A.1 The general terms and conditions (GTC) regulate the legal relationship between you and Sherlock LLC regarding the events or any other services provided by Sherlock LLC.

B. Conclusion of Contract

B.1 The contract between you and Sherlock LLC begins with the unconditional receipt of your booking, placed in writing, by telephone or in person, at our accounting office (booking form, Sherlock LLC contact person). From this point onward, the rights and obligations arising from the contract (including these terms and conditions) come into effect for both you and Sherlock LLC. B.2 If the person who booked the event signs up further participants she/he is liable for their contractual obligations as well as her/his own contractual obligations.

C. Services

C.1 Our services are specified in the service description in the catalogue as well as the event documentation. Special requests on the part of participants or collateral agreements are only deemed to be part of the contract if the Sherlock LLC accounting office has approved them unconditionally in written form. Services offered by Sherlock LLC commence, if the event description does not state otherwise, with the arrival at the game location. Travel and timely arrival are the responsibility of individual participants. It is to be observed that time slots are reserved separately for groups and the rooms prepared accordingly. Any claim to the paid services becomes null and void in case of late arrival or non-appearance at the agreed point of time. Customers are not entitled to compensation or replacement.

D. Prices and Terms of Payment

D.1 Prices for the events are listed online under the heading “price”. The prices are listed in Swiss Francs per group unless stated otherwise in the description. The prices on the day of the booking are the relevant prices. Prices include value added tax (VAT). D.2 The terms of payment are determined in the booking system. The event needs to be paid in advance by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. The booking only becomes valid upon receipt of payment. D.3 If the payment conditions is agreed to billing or payment on site (B2B customers, special agreements, team events), the amount mentioned on the booking confirmation is due as soon as the booking confirmation is provided. The bill, except when otherwise stipulated, is to be settled at the latest 14 days after the invoice date.

E. Conditions of Participation

E.1 The maximum number of participants per game is depending on the game scenario. E.2 The minimum age for partition at Room Escape is 8 years of age. Participation of people younger than 14 years is only allowed when accompanied by an adult. E.3 Room Escape is not advised for people suffering from claustrophobia, panic attacks, or for people experiencing discomfort when in dark and narrow rooms or similar environments. E.4 Carrying of electronic devices or magnetic cards (mobile phone, credit cards, badges etc.) in the Room Escape premises takes place at the user’s own risk. Such objects may be deposited at no extra cost.

F. Conditions of Use

F.1 Consumption of food and drinks of any kind is strictly forbidden inside the Room Escape game rooms. F.2 Photography and video recording inside the facilities of Room Escape is prohibited. F.3 Participants are fully liable for any intentionally caused damage to surfaces, furniture and objects in general. F.4 Instructions from the game master must be followed always. F.5 These conditions of use are explained orally before the game.

G. Changes regarding registration or cancellation of participation (nullification)

G.1 After conclusion of the legal contract in accordance with clause B.1 modification or transmission might be possible after contacting Sherlock LLC. There is no claim on it. G.2 The conclusion of contract refers specifically to the booked game scenario and time slot as well as to the number of participants. As different prices apply to different group sizes a change of the number of participants after the contract finalization is only possible after previous e-mail contact. G.3 In case of withdrawal/cancellation or non-appearance at the agreed point of time on the part of the participant there is a possibility of a refund as follows:
  • Cancellation was placed 72 hours before the game starts or more: Full amount paid. Any refund will be paid off as voucher.
  • Cancellation was placed less than 72 hours before the game starts: Amount paid less CHF 50. Any refund will be paid off as voucher.
  • If the game has not been paid yet (payment agreed to invoice or on-site), the amount of CHF 50 per game will be invoiced.

H. Programme Modifications on part of Sherlock LLC, Cancellation of Implementation (nullification)

H.1 Sherlock LLC reserves the right to make small modifications and improvements to the services and products. This has no impact on the validity or the content of the presented contractual object. H.2 It is possible that Sherlock LLC must cancel an event or booking respectively. In this case, the participant will be informed immediately and an equivalent offer submitted. Should the participant be unable to accept this offer they have the right to a full refund. No claim for further compensation regarding expenses or losses will be made. H.3 Admission to Room Escape events may be denied to participants (group or individual members) without giving reasons if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate. No refund or compensation will be considered in this case.

I. Force Majeure

I.1 If the event must be cancelled due to force majeure participants are not entitled to any kind of compensation. Force majeure includes events that Sherlock GmbH may neither foresee nor avert such as war, civil war, terrorism, political unrest, natural disasters, nuclear incidents, damages due to fire or water or similar events.

K. Liability of Sherlock LLC

K.1 Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. K.2 All participation in the game events of Sherlock LLC occurs at the participants’ own risk. K.3 Sherlock LLC ensures that the agreed services will be provided using reasonable care and skill. Sherlock LLC is liable in case the contractually agreed terms are not met or partially unfulfilled due to negligence on part of Sherlock LLC, its employees or suppliers. Note that it is the responsibility of the participant to prove the lack of necessary care and/or skill. Sherlock LLC is only liable towards employees or suppliers if they were in a contractual relationship with Sherlock LLC at the time of the performance. K.4 Sherlock LLC accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage such as injuries in any form, deaths, casualties (e.g. lack of enjoyment) or similar. Furthermore, Sherlock LLC does not accept third party liability.

L. Modification of the GTC

M.1 Sherlock LLC reserves the right to modify the GTC at any time and without warning. The most recent, usable version applies.

N. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

N.1 The court of jurisdiction for any dispute is the location of the Sherlock LLC head office. The Swiss law is applicable. In January 2020, Sherlock LLC
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