Room Escape

One Room. One Team. One Hour. One Goal. Probably the most successful game concept of the present!

Embark on a mysterious mission and experience the shortest hour of your life in a breathtaking setting!

Outdoor Escape

Escape gaming in the open air.

Together with your team, you’ll embark on a mission in a world full of puzzles and tricky tasks. And time is running out… can you save the world?

Virtual Escape

Welcome on Holodeck! Room Escape Game in the Virtual Reality. You will find yourself on a mission in a virtual world. A world full of riddles adventure, and tricky tasks. And there is only one hour left…

Brainy voucher

Are you looking for a suitable present? With a voucher for an experience at Room Escape Basel, you will not only give away a unique gift, but also a guaranteed riddle fun event!

Kids Escape

Kids Escape is the most exciting event for your kids’ birthday party. Kids groups will be assisted in an additional way in order to solve all puzzles and escape. Kids Escape is suitable for children aged 8-13 and is bookable for “The Library”.

Riddle Box: Poisoned

Nightmare scenario at the very start of your party: One of your guests has been poisoned, only 60 minutes remain… and the antidote can only be found in the small pill box.

Play against each other in the duel mode.

You want to rent the boxes? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Riddle Box: Almost Married

Let the bridal couple riddle to its gift. The new and interactive entertainment for your wedding guests. 2x 30 riddle fun!

You want to play the box at our location Voltaplatz? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Museum Hunt

Acting on behalf of a British family member, the teams embark on a secret mission to find some missing treasures…

Together with the Historisches Museum Basel, we are launching a riddle hunt through the Haus zum Kirschgarten – a novelty in northwestern Switzerland.


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