Almost Married

ab CHF175.00

Your are invited to a wedding, but there are complications. Will the wedding take place? Help the bridal couple on their way to happiness!

  • 8 small boxes for 4-8 people each: e. g. one box per table
  • 1 big box for 8 grosse Kiste für 8 selected riddle guests: …as soon as the small boxes are solved.
  • 60 minutes riddle fun: Without time constraint
  • Amount of people: 16-64
  • Hide wedding present: 40x 25x 10cm
  • Price: CHF 175 per event
  • Mobile riddle box: No electricity required

Play at Voltaplatz?

No problem. The price is CHF 25 per person. For an appointment request please contact us via e-mail at or call us on +41 (0)61 554 54 01.

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Return transportation in Basel, Allschwil, Binningen, Birsfelden, Bottmingen, Münchenstein, Muttenz, Oberwil, or Riehen with the cargo bike.