Riddle Box Poisoned



Nightmare scenario at the very start of your party: One of your guests has been poisoned, only 60 minutes remain… and the antidote can only be found in the small pill box.

  • Amount of people: 2-6 per box
  • Duel mode possible: Head-to-head by playing two identical boxes


Information for rent

  • CHF 135 (1 box), CHF 235 (two boxes), multiple use possible
  • No electricity required
  • Transportation by car, cargo bike, or public transport possible (size: 30x 66x 43cm, weight: 8kg)
  • Small flap (13x 9x 1.5cm) for personal gift
  • Appointment request via e-mail at bookings@roomescape.ch or call us on +41 (0)61 554 54 01.

Duellmodus *

Mit zwei baugleichen Kisten spielt ihr nicht nur gegen die Zeit, sondern auch gegen die andere Gruppe.

Transport *

Hin- und Rücktransport in Basel, Allschwil, Binningen, Birsfelden, Bottmingen, Münchenstein, Muttenz, Oberwil oder Riehen mit dem Cargobike.

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