Escape gaming in the open air

Together with your team, you’ll embark on a mission in a world full of puzzles and tricky tasks. And time is running out… can you save the world?


A fantastic journey into the world of showmanship and illusion.

The old fair is back in town – but this time a dark secret surrounds him.

Solve the exciting case about the mysterious stranger who is up to mischief at the fairground. Because strange things are going on. First, only a few tickets disappeared here and there from the raffle, then the magicians were missing their props. Later, the ghost train went down for days, and then there was this break-in at one of the caravans.

It seems that there is a curse on Basel!

Number of people

4 to 6


ca. 120 Minutes


Family friendly

Suitable for

Children (from 10 years) and adults

«Inside – Spectrum of Gold»

The highly exciting criminal case for adults!

A president in exile who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, a spectacular bank robbery in the middle of Zurich.

The local authorities and the international Secret Service are investigating.

– How is everything connected?

– Who are the perpetrators?

Follow in the footsteps of Oscar Buffet and his wife Kira in three episodes full of corruption, power and political intrigue!

Number of people

4 to 6


ca. 150 Minutes



Suitable for

Adults (age recommendation from 16 years)

Minimum age

Approved from 10 years

Put on comfortable clothes

Seasonal clothing and comfortable shoes suitable for the city

Elsässerstrasse 93, 4056 Basel

Weather and schedule adjustments

In case of bad weather, the event can be postponed free of charge 48 hours before the start. Otherwise we also have umbrellas for you.


Der Gedankendieb


Das neue Event in Basel «Der Gedankendieb» ist eine Mischung aus Escape Room und Schnitzeljagd. Ihr startet dabei in Gruppen von 4 – 6 Personen zentral bei uns am Voltaplatz und durchforstet auf einer gemütlichen Rätseltour nach Hinweisen, um den spannenden Fall um den Jahrmarktsfluch nach rund 2 Stunden zu lösen. (Mehrere Gruppen zusammen spielen, oder gegeneinander im Wettbewerb antreten).

«INSIDE» book!

Inside – Die Farbe des Goldes

From: CHF42.00


Der Tatort ist mitten in Basel. Outdoor Escape Room «Inside – Die Farbe des Goldes» Ein interaktiver Thriller der Extraklasse! Ein unter mysteriösen Umständen verschwundener Exilpräsident, ein spektakulärer Banküberfall mitten in Basel… Die lokalen Behörden und der internationale Geheimdienst ermitteln.
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